It is windy today. I mean they call it storm, but… well, for me it is a dirty wind talking! Really! When wind hits the roof and all those holes, it just starts… Nasty jokes, dirty talks, all those names … Continue reading

In the city

Walking in the woods is awesome, but sometimes we choose the city. Cottages, houses, roofs and windows… streets, roads and pavements. Quiet sleeping neighborhood. Here is a time to rest, even for harbors and rooms. … Continue reading

One sunny day

It just happens. A sunny day. After windy, cold and grey one suddenly it is sunny and everything changes. The grass rocks green shades, branches rocks their naked style… and all leaves which can be still spotted, are like jewels. … Continue reading

When stressed

When you are stressed, and feeling that the world plays with you really nasty… go into the woods. Smaller or bigger, just between the trees, play with leaves, watch the stones, breath and cuddle… Yeah even here we are stressed … Continue reading

The winter sea

Well, sometimes it is good to check this part of the Island less familiar. The one maybe even never touched. Especially when winter is coming. Because the sea changes all the time. Do not think about seaweeds only, do not … Continue reading