Day by day

Everyday something crazy, everyday something weird. You can never be sure what weather will be, never be sure what a postman will bring… See here post is sometimes everything. Always a gift, except bills, we have them too… sorry!!! Day … Continue reading

Homes and windows

All those lovely cottages. Windows looking up, covering the souls but also showing all those amazing pieces of people living there… Showing, that those who created them, made them warm and vivid… Like tiny worlds inside of the world. Like … Continue reading

And all those…

All those ornaments, funny things, things touching, all handmade. Something to drink, something to eat… someone to meet! Julemarkeds are awesome!!! It is so crazy to finally have the Island only for us. To be tourists and crazy people in … Continue reading

Jul Jul Jul

It started… all those markets, trees, lights and crazy feeling of being light even when you are stuffed with cake and candies!!! Yup it is Jul. And with Jul come julemarkets! First one in Middelaldercenter. … Continue reading


Sometimes it is good to wake up too early, even when it’s Sunday, and just take a peek. Look above, look down, and notice, that even mornings can be stunning. Okay, they usually are, with all those colors, but I … Continue reading

Everything so touching

Bornholm makes everything, even cold, gloomy November, December so windy like today, just touching. You see leaves on the ground, and smell not death, but transformation, wishes which came true, and amazing time of waiting… … for new. This Island … Continue reading

In every drop

Island is everywhere… this amazing spirit, feeling of being really home, wanted, spoiled, loved… in every drop you can feel it. Drop of rain, morning dew, sea water… In every drop… every tiny tear!!! Amazing, strong, breathtaking. Always. … Continue reading