The end?

End of the year is coming… so what? I am not crazy about it, no way! No resolutions, no thinking about getting older. No way!! LOL On this Island there is only waiting for another amazing year. With hopes and … Continue reading

Up and round

Somehow… when I think about the Sun it is never that round to me. More spiky with all those flames, more irregular. But now… when I look up all I can see is this perfect, impossible roundness. Hot and steamy … Continue reading


It is – 1,7C… sort of. I mean yeah there is some snow, like a powder sugar covering tiny pieces of my cake. Okay… so we can do it!!! We need more snow!!! Because for now it all looks more … Continue reading


Winter apples. All those leftovers slowly getting to the ground. Some of them are still up there like a last reminder, or maybe a gift for all those flying creatures who do not care about stepping on the ground? Sometimes … Continue reading