Blemmelyng 2

Living and dying. In fact both those “things” are free, normal, regular and the same for everybody. I mean, well. We all are born and we all will disappear. But… did they? Did they really? Watching all those stones, marks … Continue reading


Just a forest. Not so old, some stones, a road… everything so simple, but when you touch the ground something happens. Something comes out, and wanna tell you a story. A story about different past… A story about love to … Continue reading

When on the road

Funny things can be noticed when driving. Really funny. Strange shapes, colors, people and homes. All you have to do is sit down and watch the Island passing by. All those amazing, surprising things, which in fact would not be … Continue reading

In church

This is my church, my holy ground. My secret, my saint being, my everything to make myself peaceful and calm. I come here not because I must… but because I need it. Because I feel the calling. However crazy it … Continue reading

More details

Here everything is about details. Everything… My Island is like an amazing Lady, knowing well what to put on her awesome body!!! The main dress is so stunning, that you just have to be careful in admiring her work!!! … Continue reading

And by the sea…

The sea changes all the time. And I am not talking only about seasons. I am talking about winds bringing crazy things on the shore. About mysterious boats, pieces of cloths, bones, human still breathing beings… Ghosts. Or maybe just … Continue reading

Life in those drops

Life… is so simple. Needs some water, food, light, darkness, just everything in drops. Really everything. Needs something dark and something totally white. Because you can not be only the one side. Only good, only bad, only boring. Not here. … Continue reading


There is so much to see so much to discover. The richness of my Island is enormous!!! Or maybe… this is only me? Nope, no way… I am not THAT special. LOL Or maybe. See here, in this amazing environment … Continue reading