Anhøj Pilt

Why? What was the purpose? What for? Or maybe for whom? Who to remember, or just only mark who? Or maybe there is a treasure near? Forgotten, because those who knew the answers are gone… Do not know… but when … Continue reading

The Red

Sometimes it is all about discovering new, but from time to time we just check the old… the old which is coming back whispering the stories from the other space, other time or… something even other spooky. Well it is … Continue reading

The Silence

The Silence is coming back! It is not that usual one, but the deep one, changing one which helps to listen to yourself. The Silence is flowing around slowly, touching, moving and letting everyone to be new… Of course if … Continue reading


Another sunny morning. I know it is autumn, but still with this weather… somehow it is just too lovely! Of course most of us already wine that it is too cold, but still we are a bit strange here! Here … Continue reading

Again in colors

If I could, if I had more time, if… I would just walk and watch the leaves. In fact watch everyone of them. Check their lines, awesome, blossoming shades, check this amazing richness… Because here on Bornholm, in this now … Continue reading