Here and there

Time and place… see here, everything is a bit different. Not neglected, just strange. Just a bit not so important. I mean we do know it is an Island, still somehow… I can feel her dancing and swimming and changing … Continue reading


Whimsical mysterious or even weird, and funny? Temperamental, rich, fickle? You just do not know what can happen here… So all the names are included in this wonderful piece of our Earth!!! But for me… always magical. In every piece, … Continue reading

The cure

The most amazing cure, the most impossible of all is… this sound. The waves hitting the rocks, rocks dancing, running away… one splash and another and this amazing, maybe sometimes stinky, smell… This is my cure for so many. For … Continue reading

Not too close!

Sometimes seeing more means… being far far far away. Sometimes in fact being able to understand something means loosing it… Still my Island is amazing when you can touch it, or must see it from above. I prefer to touch … Continue reading


Oh we have lovely roads and paths and… well not many pavements in fact, but they are also lovely. Sometimes it is good – when the traffic is small – to step out from the car and use legs even … Continue reading

Old Wise One

Old Wise One is a pure silence. You may say that all stones are, but still… sitting under the wild oak, he is something more… Nothing in him is a coincidence. Nothing in him is just a stone… This cape … Continue reading