I was here few years ago… Then trees were smaller, road a bit less muddy, and the feeling of loneliness was there too, strong, killing… Everything has changed, and the feeling changed too… I think it is one of those … Continue reading


Well… Sunday. Another lovely morning, thinking about rotting in bed like for a whole next week… But as usual no way! So maybe the church? Sundays are perfect for church goers. Still which one to choose? And what to do … Continue reading


Winter is coming. It may be really cold and snowy, because all those magical creatures come homes earlier. For Spring and Summer and early Autumn they usually move out from houses and cottages, I mean some of them, and stay … Continue reading

The green

The green is still strong here. Even when it is all gloomy around, when it rains… the green still holds on strong! But there will be this moment… when it will just change, and I know, I will miss it … Continue reading


First day of autumn and what? Sunny and a bit windy, just perfect and amazing for walking, wandering, jumping… having fun and eating berries. Or a bit more complicated shenanigans. Whatever you want… Even dancing! Or hiding.   … Continue reading