Eau de Bornholm

“Sand, salt, sea. Waves dancing, winds blowing, sunny rays and rains. Trees, flowers, rocks. Lavender, lakrids, lilacs. Bear garlic, paint, canvas. Berries and apples, Sunburn lotion, bicycles, horses and sheep. Roads and paths, steps and dreams, tears and smiles… The … Continue reading

One tiny bird

Birds on Bornholm seem to be a bit different, a bit closer, and I am not talking about naughty seagulls! This one comes to me almost everyday and… well, in fact scratches himself? Well, still it looks so funny!!! … Continue reading

Be careful

New picture appeared on my fav beach. And I must say, it is really… true. And the picture says it all! So be careful boys and girls! Waves can be fun, but also… well, the end. So have fun! And … Continue reading