In the waves

I get it… it is hot, so people look for waves. Simple. The not simple thing is… well this is an Island, so it means, that some places may be really stinky, and in others you can find nice, warm, … Continue reading

The city 2

I am walking those simple, a bit old-fashioned roads and streets. Looking for calming walls, shadow for a burning sun… and all I can see is nature… All I can see are walls hugged by plants and colors. … Continue reading

The city

Yeah, Bornholm is wild. So wild and fantastic, but still we have “the city” too… I mean buildings, shops and everything else… Still even there is something magical, something different, something touching our hearts and singing songs about the past… … Continue reading

Catching clouds

I am dreaming about clouds! Catching them, using a strong string and never, never, never again thinking about this heat again! We need rain… but I have no strength to dream about rain, so am asking at least about clouds, … Continue reading

Make a wish!!!

Make a wish. Just because… here, in this place, under this sun… OK it is a bit burning recently, a bit shiny and sweaty, but… still works!!! Here none will judge your wish, none in fact will hear it except … Continue reading

Sacrum in orange

Seeing this amazing church is like… a huge smile. So much different than spooky churches in Europe. No push, no fear, no sin? This amazing witchy hat, all those colors and shapes make it not looking like the last place … Continue reading