My Island is a great Healer. Not trained, not having degrees, but She does not need that… She is old, and survived so much, that Her wisdom is amazing… If you let Her work with you, She can show you … Continue reading

The portal

Standing, you think this is all they do. Old stones, boulders, pieces of rock brought here from far away… … or maybe they were dropped from the space? Still when I step into the space they marked, I can feel … Continue reading

Church maybe?

I am not a church goer. For me praying is good everywhere… especially when you pray to the Island… But for some of you it is important, to touch this kind of holy land. Especially here they are so amazing… … Continue reading


Sometimes when I really need this feeling of being in a crazy space, of loneliness, and amazing freedom, of all possibilities and somehow emptiness too… I just pack water, and go to Dueodde. This amazing field of white snow, so … Continue reading

My silence

My silence is strange. In fact it is not quiet at all. Trees are dancing, birds are singing, and crows can be really loud this time of year, I even heard one tiny blackbird making sounds like a snake! But … Continue reading


So… well it is hot. I mean really hot for almost like a week now. Water still is not so warmy at all, but all naked lovers of sunny rays can be spotted. Like cookies ready to be baked on … Continue reading

Listen to me

“Listen to me, I am here. Above you, beyond you, in you… Listen to me, just stop talking, turn off… Listen to me, stick, sunk in. Listen and touch the melodies in me create my voice, really sound hear me!!!” … Continue reading

Nature all around

Love is all around this Island… but there is something more, something amazing… Nature. Still a bit wild, still showing us how amazing and gentle, but also strong and brutal it can be. How vivid and shocking… Nothing is a … Continue reading