We are…

“Touch us… We know, and we are here. We do it every year. There is nothing to believe in. We resurrect, from the past, from forgotten, leftovers in us. Just smell us, smile and be, a part of nature… Begin.” … Continue reading

Next day

There is always a next day, day after, day which came, in fact when we did not even believe, that it may happen… … well, because life just makes next step, and do not care about us too much! Or … Continue reading

Even when…

Even when it is a bit dark and wet, everything here looks magical, and special. Like the elven woods. Like tiny aliens hidden and sleeping, glad someone wanted them here, someone gave them home… Just look… sometimes, I mean only … Continue reading

Spring holidays

So we have holidays. Short one, ale of course full of eggs, flowers and tiny yellow chickens, and also tourists! It is a perfect time to see Bamsehuset… maybe for the last time, because it is for sale… Or maybe … Continue reading