And now…

For over a week we have a nice, sunny and warm weather… I mean really sunny and really warm, you know like it can only be here, on this Island! First tourists are here, shops slowly open again… and everything … Continue reading

An interview

Soo… Do I know that I am pretty? Oh well, I would say, I am beautiful! And nope, not teasing you. Just calling everything by its name. I am amazing, thrilling and breath taking… so dear The One Who Asked … Continue reading


“My confession? Well, what can I confess? I am here and now, and really well dressed. I am there and will be, when you change into spirit. Do I care? Well, believe I care about more, you can live. I … Continue reading

I feel loved…

I feel loved. Somehow here I always feel soo… I do not get it, why… But why not? So, I just try to accept it. Somehow live with this unconditional love spreading, dancing, doing naughty things… Well, this is one … Continue reading

All ugly things?

I am always amazed how easily people describe things as ugly or pretty… how quickly it comes to them? On this Island everything is somehow amazing, so calling anything ugly is… just impossible! Usual things, those everyday one… everything is … Continue reading