In flowers

My Island is blooming… like crazy! But also I think she is a bit shy, like was still afraid of the wintery cold and frosty nights. We had in fact only few days of so called Winter… so maybe Spring … Continue reading

Just trees…

I step into the woods… somehow on Bornholm they are never alone. People always find time to go out, to take a hike, walk, or run… You can also step in a horse poop, because we use bikes and horses! … Continue reading

In betweens

I love Bornholm the most in betweens… between one season and another, between Winter and Spring, between one havgus and another… between the storms and sunny days. Just in those special undefined moments… … my Island is the most precious! … Continue reading

More sun

More sun kicks people out from homes. Somehow easily puts them into the gardens, still a bit sleepy, or pushes them out to go for a walk… … where everything is singing… Even people! … Continue reading

And sometimes I…

“Sometimes I just walk, leave my Island the thinking, leave my Island the worrying, leave my Island the pain… Sometimes I just walk, to heal myself, to believe one more time, to be again…” Ch.J. Life is so much easier, … Continue reading