All is Spring!

Sunny weather, windy weather, sometimes some strangely warm rain… yeah me thinks Spring is here! And every year is different. Like the Island was having fun in choosing always a different dress, and shoes, and even changing color of her … Continue reading

Feed us!!!

Maybe Spring is here, and in fact weather is sunny and windy… but all those tiny flying creatures are still hungry! Watching them is addicting, so be careful. Always have tea and some, or more cookies close to you!!! … Continue reading

Døndalen 2

Come with me, and see different, not so wet, not too summery… again ancient and magical Døndalen. A place where you can be lost, and in fact found yourself for the most amazing time… just in a second. … Continue reading

Døndalen 1

Somehow I see places which are the most famous… … well I never start from them. Too much people, too well known, too obvious, I wanna always to make it happen, when time is special. And it of course happened … Continue reading

Walk my way!

How is it possible, that even when it comes to digging the ground, to making all that noise and very not smooth roads… well even when it comes to this more common way of life, somehow my Island still rocks … Continue reading

Tiny and precious

I could spend days just watching flowers… how they change with the sun touching them wind tickling them… … just because it is awesome. Because they are precious. Strong and amazing… and because I in fact do not have time … Continue reading

Sooo warm!

It is like crazy warm for last few days. And year ago we had huge amount of snow… this weather get crazier and crazier and even more crazier… Still… even with such warm days the buds do not pop out? … Continue reading