No TV!

Someone asked us recently if the Danish TV is boring. Well I need to answer, that I got no idea how it really is. We do not have TV. I just can not sit and watch all those pictures, it … Continue reading

Feel me!!!

My Island is one of those strange places which you must feel… if you do not, well this is not a place for you. And it is OK. Because sometimes I think there is such place, maybe an island too… … Continue reading

Feel good…

Sometimes all you need is feel really good, I mean amazingly good, like floating, walking over the Moon, rainbows, clouds… … well, whatever you want. For example eating first ice cream this year! Big, amazing, fluffy and so tasty… ice … Continue reading

Smell me!!!

Well, how to say it… Spring smells! Ekhm, smells OF COURSE… like fresh, fragile flowers, like hope and happiness, like blooming soil, like fresh leaves and joy of the sun… and ecology on the fields, and onion. Or more like … Continue reading


I was passing by this amazing place. Always feeling a bit strange, confused and somehow “churchy”. Now I know why… If you just want to walk, listen to you and the woods, birds singing, and you have a dog or … Continue reading

Boring Island?

My Island boring? Are you kidding me? This is pure nature, it changes with every ray of light with every drop of rain, with every windy night… there is always a surprise hidden in a leaf or in funny shaped … Continue reading


My Island is a really friendly one. Sometimes even more that you can imagine. So when you fall, or just suddenly make a wrong step or splash… … do not worry, the Island just wanted to hug you, feel you … Continue reading