All those colors

I am still like: I DO NOT BELIEVE… when I sometimes put my head out from our cottage and watch the world around me… Simple world, simple Island, ground, stones, houses, something green, the sea and the sky… and still, … Continue reading

Winter time

I must admit I am so happy with finally cold days, cold nights, and this amazing snow everywhere. With this awesome fresh, vibrant smell in the air. With Island clear breathing space… I could just stay outside, wandering around… … Continue reading

In the woods

Forest. Deep and dark, amazing. The woods. Trees and hidden treasures. This lovely smell and calming feeling… … sometimes it is enough to heal everything. Sometimes even when it is cold and windy, I can find there so much! … Continue reading

White Olsker

There is something majestic in these old, white pieces. In this walls so imperfect and perfect in one time. In those graves so beyond everything you have seen… so different, so beautiful. In this silent awaiting… in majestic unspoken spells. … Continue reading