The universe

The universe of and Island is small. It has its own legends and myths, stories and magics. And it has all those tiny pieces which combined create the most amazing place on this planet… or maybe this planet is here … Continue reading


So this time came… slowly julemarkets open, and all that fun, all those lovely smells, colors, pieces of art come out from every home on Bornholm. But you can find smaller markets at shops like at Bech chokolade…  … this … Continue reading

The darkness

Darkness is something more on Bornholm. Something bigger, softer and in fact… also really darker. When I look at Sweden from this place all I can see is the light… but somehow I am not jealous. Because this special islandic … Continue reading

Allinge by night

So it slowly starts. First julemarkets, fits trees suddenly coming out from the ground, and all those lights! The sea which in fact become invisible, but its lovely music make this so special… … let’s start! First Allinge. They had … Continue reading


Sometimes I just peek. Not watch, not see, not even breath the Island… I just peek. Hidden behind the trees, in the bushes, just covered in fog… … I am peeking. Because in this strange way I can see more. … Continue reading