Rainy face

Weather on Bornholm is fun! It is like, you can never be sure what it will look outside… And today we have something special. First it is sunny, and I mean really hot and bright, and then clouds come… … … Continue reading


It is windy. And when I say windy, means no hanging pots for me. Somehow it is normal for Bornholm to have wind. An amazing breeze during summer, and much stronger storms when the weather gets colder. But in fact … Continue reading

Sunny day

When the sun comes out, even if it is freaking windy, I feel guilty of staying home. It is like the Island was calling: you human, come out and cuddle me!!! I always listen to Her. There is no way … Continue reading


Leaves can be so surprising. As a kid, and still, I make bunches from those fallen, full of warmth and colors, still smell them and play with them, stick them into books to keep for later… … but there is … Continue reading