Even when you know, that whole Island is my home, I am dreaming. Dreaming about cottage close to the beach, dreaming about my own place, amazing, where I could just lie down and watch the sea and the sky… … … Continue reading


Even living, or especially when living, on Bornholm there are places so undiscovered. Because we live here, so most of the time we have “the job” thing like everybody else… the difference is, after we can go for a walk … Continue reading


I have one problem, can not paint outside… and there is so much inspiration on and above the Island. The paint dries too quickly and all those colors run in front of my eyes, and I am always scared, that … Continue reading

Fruity Island

Today sunny and warm. Amazing blue sky and light wind. Perfect weather to go out and eat!!! All those berries, apples and plums. Birds are doing great job, carrying all those seeds, so Bornholm is like one fruity Island now! … Continue reading