Being… learning.

From one side so fragile, so easy to be disturbed… From other so strong, so immortal somehow, so ancient, full of stories, the magnificent survivor… Sometimes I do think an Island is the biggest life lesson, if you are only … Continue reading

The calming

The biggest fun when living on an Island… well, I can go to the beach whenever I want. Just go, and sit down… … and watch the time passing by… … the waves… Stones and strange people… … who sometimes … Continue reading

Jans Keramik

I love playing tourist during season. It is fun. And love visiting artists every year, again, to see what new they created, what changed… One of my favourite is Jans Keramik! I just love their imagination, this free ind of … Continue reading


I am not good in dealing with Summer. Just not my time of year. I am in love with Winter. And recently a bit with Autumn… … still it is just a time of year, just sunny, warm, crazy and … Continue reading

Keep visiting

Even being here, living on this small Island… everyday is like discovering something new, meeting new places, visiting old ones, which change and change, and change with every moment… … this is why Gudhjem is my soul places. The beloved … Continue reading

Day by day

People often ask if I am bored with Bornholm. Do not get the question, but trying to be nice I answer NO and run away from such people. If someone finds attractive only huge shops, centers and pubs, well I … Continue reading


Summer is slowly ending and tourists have changed. Now we have less bicycles and more walking ones. Less kids, and a bit quieter time… … but still the Island is changing. This gentle smell in the air. The amazing goldness … Continue reading