Sweet sky…

Sometimes it is like candies, all those pinky sticky candies which I remember from my childhood. And sometimes it is like crazy cotton candy… I could swear that if I was taller… … well I would eat it! But sometimes … Continue reading


Softis rule on Bornholm. We have them in almost every bigger city here, but these are new for me. Made by Kj√¶rstrup! Famous from their amazing chocolate and everything chocolate related… Well I love Gudhjem and softis here, but these … Continue reading

And colors…

Sometimes all you need are colors to cheer you up, to make you smile, to giggle and feel happy. There is something in all those strange shades, what makes me feel that even impossible is possible!!! Why not, here on … Continue reading

Coming back

There are places where I keep coming back… to see how they change with seasons, or just to feel that amazing “something” again… … does it matter how they are called? Does it matter why? You can choose one place … Continue reading

Beachy life

Beaches on Bornholm are in constant move, in constant change… there is something in them, so feminine what make them to change look everyday. Sometimes it is just a moment, change of light, and sometimes… you come back after few … Continue reading


There are those hidden places on Bornholm. There are strange, thin, narrow roads who leads to them, and in fact you worry, you do not know to go there, you do not know if it is ok to wake them … Continue reading