So there are birds… recently big and small, all are included in flying lessons. It looks just awesome, seeing those tiny birds, who for now, do not afraid of people. Watching them make me laugh everytime!!! … Continue reading

Stinky hole

“Found on the beach, a stinky hole. Just down there near to the pole. When I am near, there is a breeze. Maybe there is someone who someone miss? Is there an alien, living down there? Or just an animal, … Continue reading

Under blue

“Under blue, and over blue, here is blue, and there is blue. Without blue I am blue, with all blue deepest blue…” Ch.J. Yeah, this blue time came… because on Bornholm a hot weather has a blue, really blue color! … Continue reading

Take a bath

“Take a bath, wet or dry make some magic, and splash away. Swim here then maybe there can you see stones how pretty everywhere?” Ch.J. Yeah, I was a very naughty girl watching birds taking bath… but please, they looked … Continue reading

Just a place

When I really can not handle the reality, or just my crazy mind, I run away to the beach. Listen to the waves hitting the sand, moving stones, all those green and brown stuff looking like hair of drowned, or … Continue reading

Run run run

Bornholm is the only place where you can really run away. Run away from so called reality, from TV and news, people who you do not even understand, and messages, usually bad ones. Run away with feet and mind. … … Continue reading


Between one season and another there is always this time of waiting for changes. Something is in the air, definitely. But is is something good? Or something, what will make us very naughty… not that I often describe naughty as … Continue reading

Another world

I often treat Bornhom as completely different world, another dimension… because it is special. Not ordinary. Different and worth of saving it how it is… … many want to change it, make more fashionable, more modern, more more and more … Continue reading