Melt me…

Yeah we can be hot, can’t we Bornholm? I can not imagine, that it is possible to be more hot, steamy and hot… did I mention it is hot? Well, sorry… my brain melted first! Still this blue sky looks… … Continue reading

The HOT is coming…

I love Bornholm in Winter, covered with snow, so magical, so fairy tale like… I love Bornholm in Autumn, full of colors and whispers… I love Bornholm in Spring, waking up, always making me anxious… I love Bornholm in Summer… … Continue reading

To forget

Bornholm is the best place to forget… forget about things you must do, things the whole world wants you to do or to be… it is a place which just let you fly! To touch the unknown, the pure, innocent … Continue reading

Fly on

“Fly on the wings of love…” who remembers that song? Well today we have this flying weather. It means in fact few pockets filled with stones from the beach for me, if I want to stay on the ground, and … Continue reading

Where to sleep?

Well usually it is the biggest problem for those who did not think about it earlier. Well, we have hotels, you know, also campings, which are really amazing, where you can have a van or a cottage, or just bring … Continue reading