Oluf Høst Museum

The Oluf Høst Museum is one of the most amazing places on Bornholm… and I am not talking only about the art, the soul of an awesome man still vibrant in the air… I am talking about everything combined and closed in an one and only house.

For me it is a sanctuary. A place where I come and breath inspiration, this amazing freedom hidden behind colors, shapes and structures. This power of expressing feelings, and the most powerful touch of Bornholm.

Oluf Høst (1884-1966) is one of the most recognizable artists of the past. Strong, playing with colors, touching your soul, then taking it out, twisting it, changing, and then putting it back. Just in case, you wish to use it. He lived in this home, created here, you can still hear his footsteps… and even if you are not fan of art, you can just come, sit in this amazing, rocky garden, drink tea or coffee and watch the sea… Think about creativity which is so normal for Bornholm. About all those colors and shapes, which this Island is able to show you. All those whispers, which come inside you and stay there forever.

For me, every time it is an amazing journey, a kind of treasure hunt… nothing here is certain, nothing is sure. There is always something new, something more to discover – and Lady in a small shop is th ray of light!!! Thank You!

PS. Of course I bought cards and magnets… again!

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