Evenings on Bornholm are quiet and full of this amazing, soft, fluffy warm light. From time to time you can catch someone still on the beach, someone walking, someone just sitting in the harbor watching the sea… It is OK … Continue reading

Just life

Day by day things change, and things stay the same… new change? Well Postman comes later than it used to be before… … rainy weather made huge progress with plants, and of course we have more and more tourists. But … Continue reading


There are days… and nights, which are a bit more magical than others… and this one was like it. First swimming, first beach cuddling more than usual… … sometimes all you need is beach… LOL … Continue reading


“I am waiting for the rain to come… To wash all my sins, feed my soil. I am waiting for the rain to come… To bring more hope, water me, spoil. I am waiting for the rain to come… To … Continue reading

Black out

Soo… when the bonfire in Gudhjem had its own Full Moon, the lights just turned off. I have a theory, that the heat woke up the zombies, who decided to turn off the so called modern lights, to watch the … Continue reading

We are full!

Yeah recently the Island is a bit overweight. So many cars and bicycles. So many people short and tall, big and a bit skinny… so many stories, fanny things, screaming and having fun. So much noise and feet trample the … Continue reading