Bornholm has got this amazing power of changing impossible into possible. There is always this awesome breeze in the air, always this something, so impossible to be described… … look up, and then look down! See how life grows up … Continue reading

In the rainy drops…

When it rains, everything changes. Blue sky is grey with all shades, and shapes… and sometimes in Spring havgus comes in! Between mists rainy drops are dancing, like tiny worlds, full of mysteries, puzzles and creatures who can make fairytales. … Continue reading

Raining day

The Island is drinking. Clear, sweet water is touching the leaves and petals, the grass is growing, and in fact you can see it… … everything is so wet, and so much different. So much alive! But still comes so … Continue reading


The best are moments on Bornholm. When the sun says HI and when it is going to bed, when the first rain drop hits the hot road and when the first leaf kisses the air… … and when you can … Continue reading


I was watching bikers today. Usually ordinary people, who for a week or two on the Island, become the so called: great explorers… very tired ones, very modern, classy, very nervous to make as much kilometers as they can. To … Continue reading