Spring winds

First strong Spring winds, brought me strange thoughts… that maybe it is not my first Spring in life, but feels really like one! Everything seems to be stronger, more and bigger… or maybe I am just smaller? LOL … Continue reading

Ancient souls

In these stones I always see ancient priests and sorcerers… always ready to wake up, or just to whisper words of power! In these stones I can feel the past, who opens its doors, and calls me to step into … Continue reading


I am trying to see the world different. Not as a scientist, not even as a witch, not as a woman… not as anyone described, wearing so called definition on… … and when I throw out everything what was already … Continue reading


Bornholm – such a small Island, so much past still vibrant… so many whispers of those who lived here before us. So much magic, and mysterious places. Gryet is one of the biggest archaeological sites, in fact nice small forest … Continue reading


I love Spring in details… but not in flowers, fresh leaves or all those new born pieces… I love it in preserved. In those who survived everything, and is one year older than those who will appear in a moment. … Continue reading

It is ON

OK I think the sun decided to take it really serious! It is warm, sunny, so bright, that I can not watch the world around me! Still, all I want is to sit outside and breath that Spring! … Continue reading

And the sea…

Between the rocks, just close to the sea, everything seem to be so everyday, so like always, but still there is something in the air… The grass is turning back light green, but there is one place, where the snow … Continue reading