All I can hear recently is: DO NOT PISS OFF THE FAIRIES!!! So when I walk into the woods I am really careful… … but I start to think, that fairies are much bigger recently than at least a year … Continue reading


It is almost May, and all I can hear are lawnmovers! People were so impatient to just go back to their gardens and do something. Plant something, clean, finally sit with a mug of tea and warm up the bodies! … Continue reading


OK I have problems with eyesight. So if it comes to birds, I see a shadow, some disturbance in a corner of my eye, or just hear them… … but from time to time even me, this not seeing short … Continue reading


Still no leaves, no people, the sun is dancing on the blue sky… so all I can do is breathing still empty Island, which feels like, is only for me. I am walking in Gudhjem and trying to find new… … Continue reading


Well, Bornholm is one of those magical places where we still have cornflowers and poppies, the forests are full of white, violet and yellow spots. But still I have never seen so many violets!!! This year is truly gold and … Continue reading

The past

“Wherever ever you step in I have been there before you. I touched this stones, watched that sky nothing can be without me, nothing can hide. I died here many times to be born again… nothing can be without me … Continue reading