“There are always colors, all you have to do is to believe, that from all this ugly presence comes something impossible to believe…” Ch. J. Just look closer… there is always art included! … Continue reading

This light…

It is not just warm weather and flowers, people are waiting for… … sometimes I think they all just wait for light. For this ability to see. To know what is standing right in front of you. Can the darkness … Continue reading

God Jul!!!

For me it is like… we did not have snow on Jul, so we have it on Ostara. Why not?!!! Yesterday and day before the wind was so strong, that flying was the only option… and still I managed to … Continue reading


… everybody is yelling around: snow snow snow is coming! And what, let me see, there is a window, nope, no snow for me!!! Yeah I know, the weather forecast… well, they do make mistakes too!!! For now it is … Continue reading


It suppose to be Spring. An early one, but still… Spring. And the weather forecast just informed about SNESTORM coming, and I mean a big one snowstorm! We will see… for now it is bright, calm and sunny… maybe even … Continue reading


This morning was white… and I mean really total white!!! My poor lovely Mailman almost did not kill himself noticing he can not see the road to my doors! But well, everything is OK. Of course you can see and … Continue reading