Today cold water and singing birds woke me up… yeah, Spring is closer and closer and closer… but still there is snow, and setting sun looks amazing. In fact it all looks like the show about fire and cold, dancing … Continue reading


New season 2013 is coming… maybe all around is awesome cold, white and still Winter, but Bornholm is preparing for tourists. For Summer. … but too many bad news make me sad, now Bornholmerbuttiken!? … Continue reading


Well “fastelavn” is a bit like Halloween in Danmark. Kids come and want… well cash in fact. They are all dressed up and sing. In fact it is all about good luck, evil, and fun! Used to be more fun… … Continue reading


It is like… first we have a cold Spring, green is coming out from snowy cover… … then there is a snestorm, just for few minutes, just for fun. And again, and again… … and again? And what is going … Continue reading

I will…

I write about Bornholm, I dream abut Bornholm, think about… I paint Bornholm, breath and live… But I also have ideas, like to create a bench for readers, with a huge box with used books by its side in the … Continue reading