… it is like just first sign, first steps in the air, first warmer breath, first brighter sunny rays!!! Just first. Like every year… The rest will come soon, just keep your head close to the ground and do not … Continue reading

Snestorm day 2

Well, the Snestorm is just awesome. Not so heavy, winds are whispering more than yelling, and everything dances… especially on the icy roads. I went to remove some snow from the pavement, well just had to, in my perfect world, … Continue reading


… so here is a snestorm? A strange one, because it is really windy, a bit cold, freaking if you think about wind touching you everywhere, but still, there is only few snow petals in the air!!! Spring is coming … Continue reading

The river

Under amazing, fragile constructed with snow and branches: rooms, corridors and hidings… there is a river. She is patient and strong… runs through stones, stones so hard, that it takes centuries to make a path… and then, makes it wider … Continue reading


On Bornholm animals and people share the Island… Our marks look like Thor’s hammer or runes – algiz, tiwaz… … still if I think about all of us making marks on Bornholm, about asteroids and meteors… do not know, but … Continue reading