Amber in the air

Sometimes just before storm and winds hit the Island, amber comes… This amazing warm, a bit heavy light, this feeling of ancient souls watching us. This awesome brightness! This has happened yesterday, when the sky started to change, become blue, … Continue reading


Underjordiske – means the ones living under the ground. Hidden. Those which all stories, legends and myths are talking about. Dwarfs, trolls, all kind of the magical beings… those usually not visible. But here, on Bornholm, somehow every home has … Continue reading


Bornholm is a really windy Island. But did you know, we have at least 5 kinds of winds here? There is The Spooky Wind, which is the fastest, and brings strange fears… there is The Changing one and Refreshing – … Continue reading


I am addicted to books. And I mean I am really, can not live without them, without old ones and new, fresh, smelling so amazing… … but there is one thing, which I do not get, how it is, that … Continue reading

Walk Walk Walk

Sometimes the best medicine is walking… just leaving everything and going out, taking a stroll. Do not mind the weather. Mind your feelings. Refresh the body and mind… just walk, move your legs and body. Just step by step, and … Continue reading


I do not mind the weather, for me it is always perfect. I do not mind the silence, and this strange feeling whispering, that maybe I am the last person on this planet! I do not mind not having hundreds … Continue reading

Old in new

Watching Bornholm whole year makes me being able to see it full. To see it like most of people will never… Even with a cold weather, frost kissing my skin and trying to eat my nose… it is magical! Pure … Continue reading

January Gudhjem

So this is snow and Gudhjem… my 2 of few most beloved things on the world!!! There is something in this calming, soothing white hats and pillows, something in sleeping shops and streets… something different. Something impossible, because maybe Bornholm … Continue reading