Lights ON!!!

Sooo… in this rainy, spooky-windy, grey weather which we have on Bornholm recently… so grey that even Jule was with candles only, we had one day of light. The Sun was proud and working for few hours. Have some photos, … Continue reading


This December was a very dark, grey month. With only light touch of snow, few brighter days, strange, strong winds, warm weather – only few really cold nights and days… But yesterday we had this few hours of sun!!! And … Continue reading

The Weather

Wherever I look, people say that the weather is crazy. It was about 20 degrees in Germany on Christmas? Even there where usually is snow this time, there is a warm, very strange feeling in the air. We have it … Continue reading

Winds of Oz

This wind comes on Bornholm once in a few years… it is spooky, really scary, brings strange fears and this what I call “Dorothy’s Spirit”. Yup, sometimes I am almost sure that it can take a house and move us … Continue reading

Eve of Eve

So there is a Lille Juleaften and Juleaften… Thanks to this we have 2 Christmas Eves!!! How awesome is that!? Bornholm is perfect for people loving Christmas. We have nissens and gnomes present all over the year and even Christmas … Continue reading