White or dark, even black, long, pyramid shaped chimneys… I believe there are special dragons living inside of them. The one who combine the powers of the fire and water, and are able to make every fish nice and tasty. … Continue reading

The fire

Fire… is just present on Bornholm. In almost every home we can find a fire place, or a bit modified monsters eating wood, and nice smelling bricks and giving warm, light and this amazing feeling of love, instead. In every … Continue reading


I am this old-fashioned piece, which is crazy about post, cards, letters and loves packages, and tasty stamps! Big are the best. But I am also the one who fanatically loves a Postman. I mean all of them working on … Continue reading


Bornholm is naked. Leaves are on the ground. Amazing yellow-brown carpet smells like future. Like something what will be born… but in fact Island is naked. There is no snow yet – I hope it will come soon!!! – and … Continue reading

Jul Time

I am always waiting for Winter. Missing one when it is over. I am snow addicted, frost addicted, and even cold fancy! But when we came for the first time on Bornholm, we were told, that there is no winter … Continue reading

Hold on!

When it is sooooo windy like today, all I can think is to have someone to hold me, some kind of insurance, that I will not fly away! I play with stones and think who in fact Bornholm is holding? … Continue reading