Frozen magic

When there are no feet to destroy it… you can have a possibility of seeing frozen, fresh miracles, kingdom of the coming winter, only in a smaller size. Amazing, beautiful, so fragile… please do not breath! Keep the moment, it … Continue reading


… fluesvampe are magical. There is something so fairy and mystical in those red topped white legs. In these spots. Hidden under long, curly grass, like amazing treasures. But not only toadstools are here… Those red awesomeness are my first … Continue reading

Gråmyr in Autumn!

Gråmyr changes for Autumn. She came, and somehow touched this pond, and forest around, touched ancient spirits covered with ground, and made them amazing blanket. Full of colors, leaves, sounds… It is such a peaceful place. Perfect for meditation, finding … Continue reading

Sheep Time!

This is Sheep Radio from Gudhjem speaking! We have all grass for ourselves!!! Do not disturb when we are eating! And keep away from the fence two legs! We are the Hidden Masters of this Island, only more curly and … Continue reading


Why do they smell different, when Autumn comes? Do they change perfumes, they used to wear, or this is just diet? One thing is sure… they smell AMAZING! I could add them to my shower, or just wear in my … Continue reading


From time to time, even I can see Bornholm from a very strange, very very very surprising different side… In fact I have a theory, that even small Bornholm can be always a mystery… changing with every season, with every … Continue reading