Above me…

There is a kingdom of clouds above me… strange creatures are flying there, keeping amazing treasures up there. I can only imagine – scared of flying – and I do have mighty imagination, how in fact it all look there. … Continue reading

The Time

A human being is like the time… passing by. Born, raised or not, catching dreams and trying to breath, then slowly calms down and die. Natural. Or less natural by zombies or something like this! And this is why Autumn … Continue reading

Birds today

Yeah I know… on Christianso you can see birds from China and America, but I must admit that since few years I haven’t seen so many smaller birds. And so cute ones! They need food!!! And they are so precious! … Continue reading

One drop

In a tiny rain drop is another universe. It is so small, that we are unable to see it, but if you look close enough, if you dream strong enough… you can hear them. Tiny people, who think that they … Continue reading