Melsted – Gudhjem

There is a path between Melsted

and Gudhjem.

It starts at the harbor in Melsted, ends in Gudhjem wherever You want. Standing in Melsted, breathing salty air you can choose…

do you want a simple path, just to walk with a dog, or someone you love – what can be a dog too, of course!

Or choose a bit harder path with rocks,

and this all natural beauty. Peace and quiet, perfect for meditation…

This is one of those roads which change with every season.

With every ray of the sun,

with our feelings.

And with everyone who will touch this ground.

You can find here your dreams.

Sitting around, having sunbath, chatting. Eating berries!

And hope, which have here a tiny cottage.

In fact this path is like life.

Sometimes easy, full of colors,

feet just lead us.

Step by step.

But sometimes…

it is just harder.

The unknown is coming.

Impossible even…

and even harder. More complicated, and scary…

This is life!

It can even have thorns… but also cool berries.

Just look for them!

For tiny miracles…

and laugh!

And learn…

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