Jelly Princesses

They just said: “I do not”, when everyone were waiting for: “I do”… Jelly Princesses. So fragile, and so dangerous. Unloved, unwanted. They were normal girls many days before… waiting for their princes to come, to save them, but of … Continue reading


Well, the thing with autumn is… that it takes a moment. It is very easy, too easy in fact, to not notice autumn. It is like first birthday, first step… or first ice cream you can taste! Or first piece … Continue reading

The Weather

Well, it is raining today. This means it is raining between the sunny moments, and the moments of not raining, but a bit cloudy… it is something normal for Bornholm. Comes usually when I have laundry ready to dry. Taking … Continue reading


So we have autumn… I mean it is for sure and official. But i fact this special quiet feeling, sound of the leaf rustling, smell of fruitiness, and cocoa, or hot chocolate, had appeared about a week ago. Now we … Continue reading