Blog Day

I must admit, I do not know how it happened… but somehow I have 4 blogs. I love them all, because I am addicted to writing, reading and taking photos, but I do not know how it is that there … Continue reading


I could talk about ice cream, cookies, candies, chocolate, amazing, so old-fashioned bread… all kinds of fish or lakrids. I could talk about amazing milk, fresh grapes, apples and gifts from the woods. But in fact what is so special … Continue reading


Could You live like this? In a simple cottage? Not just for holidays… but really LIVE? Taught how to recognize labels from fake stuff we are forgetting about simple things. I was shocked that people do not know how to … Continue reading


It is so sunny and warm today… I have this feeling, that those are the last days of Summer. Kids went to school – Good Luck! I am so happy I do not have to go… school always scared me, … Continue reading


Well on Saturdays it is all about moving the lawn. All I can hear is grass screaming!!! Tiny daisies are trying to hide, but nope… there is no mercy for Ya! You all will be cut, Yours heads will change … Continue reading