Melting time

It is soooo hot… in fact it is hot since Monday! And the very not usual thing for Bornholm is that there is no wind… No this amazing, touching, hugging fresh feeling! How rude is that? No surprise a huge … Continue reading

Cute pieces

Details… maybe it is because I can not see properly and my eyes always need to put my nose into something, but details, and tiny cute pieces make my day. Here is a tiny Gallery I found recently… On a … Continue reading

Some news

We moved, and this means that all my books want to be put back on their place, all my paintings must be on the walls… and I am tired. So today only some news! If You are for the first … Continue reading

It is raining today

It is raining today… and when it is raining old stories come out from the sea and trees and whisper between the drops. And I just listen. Stories about forgotten heroes, vikings and witches… And… stories of old-fashioned cars! Yeah … Continue reading

Old time – cool time

The past is present on Bornholm. The amazing line dividing Island in two parts: younger and older… barrows, and stone circles… churches and Hammershus of course. Everything is here. Waiting for You. But the most important… well of course Middelaldercenter!!! … Continue reading