Pigs in SPACE!

There is an amazing path from Listed to Vasagaard. You go, or more like swim in green, blue, and red fields! Especially now, when poppies and cornflowers are blooming, and future bread is still so green!

You just go, and breath fresh air!

Can meet an amazing oak!

With a face!

Look on the Sea from another angle.

Feel something like: I am the King of the World!!!

And finally here they are! Pigs from Vasagaard!

Nice to meet You!

One and more…

Cutie future ham?

Hi, my name is Benthe!

Or not?

We are the champions!

Rainbow pigs?

How are You doing?

Yeah, humans again!

Humans can be boring!

But the pigs look happy!

Yeah, this one wanted to go back with me!

Such a cutie pig!

Those pigs live in a small forest, where they have place to sleep and have fun… of course food and water.

Yeah, You can eat them later… but it is better to eat a happy pig, I think?

Fresh air, a lot of space and great view!

Here are Pigs in Space from Bornholm!!!

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