By the way!

There is something in the roads, paths, ways on Bornholm. It does not matter which one You will choose, You will have fun! On every one of them, You can find something amazing! And You know what? Lavender started to … Continue reading

Pigs in SPACE!

There is an amazing path from Listed to Vasagaard. You go, or more like swim in green, blue, and red fields! Especially now, when poppies and cornflowers are blooming, and future bread is still so green! You just go, and … Continue reading

The Dorlje Quarry

Something what we found recently… an amazing place near Listed, where You can stop for a barbeque and meet cute pigs!!! And there is an amazing green pond! and awesome oak! I think it has special mermaids inside! And trolls? … Continue reading

It is raining…

It is raining today. And I mean really raining, drops are huge, and make amazing music… so the ground is drinking, plants are dancing, and animals or even so called humans can stay at home and rest! Rest after Sct. … Continue reading

Grey weather

Sometimes the weather has all shades of grey on. The sea is grey and the sky is grey, havgus is dancing over grey streets and trees seem to have grey leafs. Grey are people and buildings, and even trolls are … Continue reading

Turn off!

We live in a loud and really quick times. Always on-line, sitting on the computers, with phones under right hand and I-something under left… We work almost whole day, and in fact try to do everything to earn money. This … Continue reading

Hairy, fluffy rocks!

I know, that nature is amazing, but only here I found such… well hairy rocks! In fact they look a bit like teddy bears. Or strange, not moving creatures. Spelled into stone forever, but still needing hairdressers! You could think, … Continue reading