Just watching

I know, did not write anything yesterday, but I was watching the sky. It sometimes happens on Bornholm. The Island is able to slow us down. I think She knows we are so crazy and wanna do everything and more… … Continue reading

Windy today!

It is windy today. But like everything on my Island, also the wind is not like others. It looks more like the waves, who jumped out from the sea and now moves the big, fresh leafs. It is awesome. So … Continue reading

Look up!

It was warm today. And I mean really warm. But still with this light windy, I can breath! Because in fact I am one of those strange people who love Winter! Yeah! And winter on Bornholm can be very surprising … Continue reading


When I came on Bornholm for the first time… I was sleeping. Sleeping for almost 2 weeks. There was just tent, blankets, pillows and birds. Little black birds singing, waves making stones dancing and trees… In fact we took just … Continue reading


When I fell in love with Bornholm, and decided to move there, people started to ask me strange questions. “It is an island, You will feel there closed, how will You manage?” “It is just the sea and the sky, … Continue reading


Well in fact I sometimes feel like everyone and everything wish to tell me their stories. Wind blowing, or just dancing between the branches, waves trying to move stones from the beach, plants, so usual but different and stones… Even … Continue reading

Blue blue blue…

One of the amazing things of Bornholm are colors. Today we will talk about blue. Blue in all its shades, shadows and whispers. We have blue houses here and blue flowers, blue pieces of laundry dancing with the wind and … Continue reading