Go gold!

Spring makes you wanna really paint the world. Just take canvas and brushes and dip them into those flowers: crocuses and snow bells…


Just try.

Because it should work, right? Should work! LOL

Just spring!

I mean really.

Just spring.


It came, maybe cooler than year ago, but still sunny and so cute.

Even my winter soul was impressed.

Middle of March 2

And it started to bloom, and be really nice and warm.


And it was so colorful. And…

I mean really!

Middle of March

Was quite springy. I mean really. Flowers, sun and all that stuff.


Maybe not so warm, but it was spring. Even the sea was so cute!

Amber light

March was full of amber light. Nope, it is not the famous golden hour…


Just a normal, regular walk around noon.

Just grass… just my Island.

Mysterious and misty 2

You can really get it when all those spooky story comes from, or fantasy one…

You can.


But do not wake up tat troll, he is so not ready to be up all springy and fresh! LOL

Walking thru that wilderness makes you feel so refreshed and weirdly happy.

Mysterious and misty




I mean really… ad this green moss. Not mentioning such weather is perfect for your skin!!! Ad those leaves and trees.

When spring has started…

It wasn’t all sunny and warm… more like gloomy and rainy but still people were swimming, fishing and walking…


We are weird here me thinks, and me loves it!!! LOL

Just life, right?

I mean really… you go to the beach, put on gummy clothes and have a fish.


You cook it and have meal, add some bear garlic growing like crazy now…

Cool life. LOL But be careful, weather here changes so quickly…

The sounds

My Island has so many sounds, especially now, when spring is in full bloom… all those birds, trees, winds, and waves hitting he rocks kindly reminding me, that it can be very wavy on the sea.


Bees, other bugs… and first tourists.

Yup, many sounds.