It always amazes me. I mean really... how many pieces it makes to catch a fish. LOL To be on boat. To in fact be a fisherman.


Although the Baltic Sea is not a best source for food... still, we can got them.

Sinking in petals 2

And all this whiteness of fresh flowers... like they all were ready for a wedding, like they knew about something more...


About some fun? Promises, maybe even hopes?

Sinking in petals

I mean really. April was month of petals. IMG_2390 You could dance between them, eat some of them, and really got lost in all this beauty. Innocence...

And everything bloomed…

It was a moment, and suddenly flowers above, flowers under your feet... IMG_2321 Everywhere. I mean really everywhere!!! In every point, in every spot. Flowers. Petals. Colors.

Softness soft

Of softness soft, of richest soft, from... I mean really, just look. It does not happen often, so keep it in you mind. Keep this calm softness. IMG_2113 Amazing, breathtaking and magical. On the one side the sea, on the other setting sun... And blue.

When they come out…

When they really show their faces, when they come out, and the sunset washes their leaves... it gets even more magical. IMG_1990 Is it possible? Maybe not, but trust me, it was a special time...

And April!!!

Oh, April started with ice cream. With shops suddenly opened. With some tourists. With... warmer weather. IMG_1765 But all those ice cream, oh my, that was a treat!!! LOL

When the sun…

Even when the sun goes to bed... everything, this amazing calmness, still is here. Still is so thick, and safe. IMG_1613 It will change soon. With summer, a bit louder and busy, it will be a bit different... as usual. As every year.

It can be…

It can be so soft and quiet. It can be so amazingly flat... IMG_1417 It can be also so dangerous, so frightening, so full... It can be everything. It has many faces. The sea.

Life in the sea

I know there are fish and birds, and creatures I do not wanna meet ever... and mermaids, krakens and maybe few sea dwarfs? IMG_1310 And those weird people with half tails, which were seen here by many... But really an U Boot? Russian one?