And even more memories…

Because so…


Because I still am not done.

And because it is special.

I know…

I know I am few weeks back into those photos. Yes we have spring now, but my heart is still covered in icicles! LOL


Oh come on, crazy is my middle name.

Or weirdo.

Go full!

Full moon scares me, full moon really makes me feel bleah!


But it looks sometimes spectacular… like the black and white world, where someone spill over some silver.

There was that time

There was a sunset and snow, and a but slippery path… and peace and quiet.

And amazing ice creations.


And that time was just gorgeous.

Bring it back

When I bring back all those memories of that day… oh my, that was sparkly, amazing and cold a bit. So sunny, so slippery.


So amazing.


Okay, I love winter, deal with it!

Walking on a sculpture

You got to be careful. Really careful.


Because fascinated by all those shapes and lights… well, you may slip.

Very hard.

Last snow 2

Oh and it was slippery everywhere… and icy.

And so cool!


I just soooo love snow and regular winter. Maybe a visit to Greenland is not a bad idea? Maybe? Or maybe once again we will have so much snow here?


Last snow

It was end of February… when it came. A tiny bit of snow.

Some colder weather…


Some naughtiness in the air. Oh yes, my Island can do it very well.


That blink!

You go out and it is gloomy and wet. Well it happens here too… and you just go, step by step… uuu baby! Who sang it? That must be ancient. Oh my, checked, it is… you can listen if you want. LOL


Well, we go and suddenly it comes out. All those colors, this blink on rocks, those leaves so precious. Like dresses on a catwalk…

Yup, crows…

I love them. Especially the grey crows. Somehow they were around me since I was born, so… sentimental something, or I just feel there is a piece of a grey crow in me? Maybe? Yup, I am that crazy, but…


Sometimes I just look at them…

And they are like the best movie ever!!!