Randkløve 9

And go… Left, right, left, right… with the sun touching your skin and wind making it smell amazing. Because this place smells amazing. Especially here, where you can feel so amazingly alone. And look at those trees and that cottage!!! … Continue reading

Randkløve 7

Rocks, trees, the sea… Everything so simple and so complicated in one place. Amazing, stunning, so… out of this world. No commercialism, only the will of surviving. Surviving the winds, waves and… humans doings. Remember about my crazy YouTube LOL … Continue reading

Randkløve 5

I feel like… I can hide here. Finally can be invisible. And touched only by nature… okay, that ONLY is not always soft and nice, sometimes itchy, still… nature. Yummy. So yummy. Remember about my crazy YouTube LOL And INSTAGRAM!!! … Continue reading