Into the woods…

Oh this amazing white and green carpet. Where everything is still not awaken. Where everything is… well, fairytale like. Really fairytale… you can hear elves flying and those bigger pointing to you from their longbows. And dwarfs working hard and … Continue reading

Dive in…

Into this innocence… into this white virginity. Into this perfectly clear, clean and untouched. Into those flowers which hide between others. They may not be high, they may die soon, but still, they are amazing. Truly strong, but also so … Continue reading

Go blue!!!

First part of April was full of one of my fav ever flowers. Here called blĂ„ anemoner (Hepatica nobilis), are those who are with me since my childhood. And I love them!!! PS. Remember all photos are for sale: 150DKK, … Continue reading

Go fish?

Soo… maybe not, but still all those pieces, nets and boats make me feel so… fishy. I mean really. And this clean water, a bit wobbly view. This old meeting new. Old bricks, lines and stuff which I do not … Continue reading