Just walk…

And find amazing passages, doors, paths… Because they are here. Just waiting to be admire and used. But where do they really lead? Where will go, maybe disappear even… Ready to check? Ready for an adventure? Remember about my crazy … Continue reading

Spring sea

I love the sea. Tried the mountains, and my body was amazed by walks and nature, still somehow could not breath, so… I tried the sea, and yes this is my thing. It changes, it fluctuates, it is… Perfect. Full … Continue reading

May 2

Okay, it was fun, and getting warmer, but nights were still chilly… Te whole waking up thing was getting very slowly… shops still closed, not so many people. Amazing. PS. And today? Finally cooler weather, still no rain. Remember about … Continue reading


May started sunny but not so hot. Flowers and leaves coming out slowly… still not sure if it is the right time for them. The sea calm, not so deep… wild garlic coming out… Time for walking, cleaning and planing. … Continue reading


In a middle of April finally it started to bloom… I mean the woods. This amazing whiteness, like tiny brides ready to be marry. But in fact not everything was ready to wake up… nope. Remember about my crazy YouTube … Continue reading


Limestone… calcium. Simple stuff. But the truth is, that we do not have it much. Surprisingly nope. So seeing it is somehow exotic… Remember about my crazy YouTube LOL And INSTAGRAM!!! If you need some fun!!! more LOL and check … Continue reading