Okay. Maybe I see this world differently… maybe I see it through myself, my weird mind and thoughts, but still, for me… on this island everything is art. I mean really. Paint coming off, nature in all its shades and … Continue reading

The sea 2

Listen to the waves whispering, singing, playing with stones. Listen to the old legends. Just listen…. or step into them and be a part of the past, now and the future. They understand you and are ready for everything you … Continue reading

The sea

I love the sea. It has so many faces, so many colors and shades, and even if I am not into swimming, observing it makes me happy. Watching, looking, checking… All those sparkles, light playing with sand and waves. So … Continue reading


Yes… dry. This summer will be the one which was hot and so dry. So deadly for plants and honey of course. For bees and other animals. And for people… although for sure good for tourists, right? Still, contaminated beaches … Continue reading

All those…

… colors, shades, people, cottages, waves, winds… All those new faces, voices. Every year brings this new… new a lot, but not everything. Because here things can not completely change. If so, I have no idea if this could be … Continue reading


Into not so deep sea, into just light and seaweeds… Into… Because this is so much magic. So much… Remember about my crazy YouTube LOL And INSTAGRAM!!! If you need some fun!!! more LOL and check me on FineArtAmerica. PS. … Continue reading

By the sea

I mean… it is like power. The sound, the smell, the everything… I mean really. You can do nothing here, just sit down and you suddenly get rich and beautiful… for a moment! LOL Remember about my crazy YouTube LOL … Continue reading