A day

And it was so surreal because mostly around March we had first tourists… people who live here but truly do not… Strangers. And now… Emptiness which suddenly changed this month. With end of May everything changed again. But it feels … Continue reading

And then…

Second part of March… lockdown. Though… yes, of course, we obeyed the rules, homeworking, washing, hand sanitizers, social distancing… but  when on an island lives truly only tiny bunch of people, well, we can normally go out. Into the wilderness… … Continue reading


It is this softness, sand, surprisingly coming out from the rocks, roots… no idea where… dark soil, trees… Waves, ripples, songs and whispers… And creatures which must be there, because they must, right? This is the deal, there are those … Continue reading


It is somehow so much easier in the woodlands. So much easier. Though, because so called tourism is now only around the country, we already have tourists. A lot even… and I wonder… how the heck they ll have time … Continue reading

Fallen 2

Fallen trees, fallen lives… I think this walk, with in fact no humans around, with all this untidy paths and branches everywhere, more climbing… a walk from which we came back dirty like happy piggies… that walk was amazing. Really. … Continue reading


Fallen trees, smashed bridges… Fallen branches, leaves, life coming back… Everything so simple, so muddy it was. Remember about my crazy YouTube LOL And INSTAGRAM!!! And even one for this blog!!! Look here. If you need some fun!!! more LOL … Continue reading

The green

The weather was weird. Bit too warm, wet… The wild garlic started to come, and I was so scared that we will have again have no spring, woodland flowers… but… everything changed again in few weeks. And fields of white … Continue reading

Sunset 2

And this light fading away, grass, leftovers of boats, laughter… Leftovers. Of our lives which will never be the same… or maybe… to be honest the island is still here, the sea, the sky… Remember about my crazy YouTube LOL … Continue reading


It was still so calm… March was not too cold, weird more and windy, but… we were so unaware what is standing around the corner… in a week everything has changed. Everything. Remember about my crazy YouTube LOL And INSTAGRAM!!! … Continue reading


And with March everything started. Everything. Like in other places first was that weird feeling of a surprise. Unbelieving. Then fear… growing. In fact we did not had a proper lockdown. We could go out, because there were only us … Continue reading