May 3 yellow

Yeah… yellow was here. And smelled amazingly. And was something so normal… normal in a very weird world. But… to be honest even with some things coming back to “restricted normality”, everything is crazy still. And tourists this year are … Continue reading

May 2

It was sunny it was lovely… Some people were even swimming!!! Crazy us. LOL And Nexø was blooming. Remember about my crazy YouTube LOL And INSTAGRAM!!! And even one for this blog!!! Look here. If you need some fun!!! more … Continue reading


And it somehow started… we could go out, and go in. No offense, keeping all hands in alcohol we needed, we all, to prepare our gardens. Come on!!! We needed plants and all that stuff. And fields were yellow, and … Continue reading

The sea…

In the harbor the sea is always different. Like a true mirror to another world. Or worlds maybe… Who knows, jump in and check. Or just watch the surface, it may amaze you… very much. Remember about my crazy YouTube … Continue reading

Still silence

And another month was approaching, and everything was blooming, though still it was closed… Closed shops, weird things in shops, distance, people asking: when can I hug someone, again? Sad but beautiful. And so many regretting that they did not … Continue reading

And walking…

Okay, the valley of Klinteskoven is small but truly magical. It is tiny, but in some parts, so breathtaking… and those hairy rocks. Like walking on sleeping trolls, which treat you like an annoying fly… Remember about my crazy YouTube … Continue reading