Another world

It was more like a movie than my Island. I mean really. Movie decorations, waiting for actors, camera… START! Or however you say it. Plan fr dinosaurs to come out, and maybe some other, unknown creatures. Forgotten spot, where life … Continue reading

Amazing sea

Amazing, changing… picturesque. Breathtaking, warm, clean, natural. Birdy and fishy. And those stones… that calmness, light mist. Sand. Softest and whitest. Just a beach, a place on this Earth… PS. Remember all photos are for sale, those on Facebook IBornholm … Continue reading


Does it matter really that we do not have huge shops? Is this what you are looking for while on vacation? Not clean beaches, waves, woods and rocks. Amazing nature? Beautiful and precious nature… Really? Is it too quiet and … Continue reading

Climb up

Climb up and look at this Island from above. Just be up there. Sit on the rocks, in this amazing loneliness, between nature and nature. Between grass and a crystal rock. Between miniature oak and some ouchy nettles. PS. Remember … Continue reading