Artists on Bornholm

There is something on every island, what makes people creative... but on Bornholm there is more of it! Really more! Everyone is doing something. Nature just push us to create. To paint, make sculptures, needle felting, creating jewellery, clothes or dolls, pottery, glass and many more. People make the one and only food: fish, chocolate and candies (must mention) or write! So here I will try to gather everyone, who ever created something on Bornholm. It will be a HUGE JOB, but we will make it! Remember one thing - if You see a flag and sign "galleri" just come in. Do not be afraid! There are amazing people inside and awesome stuff! I will try to show you some of them who I know, or just saw, or fall in love with their creations! artists and their pages: Anna Kligert Galleri Kobaltowa Wrona Jans Keramik Bende Ruberg Kasper Koie Jolanta Kligert Helene Hom Lisa Hoyrup Janne Brodersen Kirsten Maardahl Erik Bakke here are some other links: Bornholms Kunstmusem Oluf Høst Gudhjem Museum Bornholms Museum