February 3

Yes, still that month. Yes, now it is finally warmer… still we have drought, soo… Spring is cancelled. I mean really! Everything is so dry, that even leaves are not so keen to come out! Remember about my crazy YouTube … Continue reading

February 2

And we had all those kinds of weather… And amazing loneliness of only nature around. I love my Island, but between seasons She is the best! Remember about my crazy YouTube LOL And INSTAGRAM!!! If you need some fun!!! more … Continue reading

Other ends 3

Well… everything about fishing is for me both crazy, boring and fascinating. And maybe even a bit mystery when I hear stories about things they saw somewhere there… on a big sea. On the oceans… Mermaids, monsters, beauty and ugliness… … Continue reading


End of January was really everything and windy. It was sunny, it was chilly and of course dark, but sometimes… it was so like not winter at all. I mean AT ALL. Remember about my crazy YouTube LOL And INSTAGRAM!!! … Continue reading

It’s cold

I mean it is weirdly cold. Not normal springy cold… More like: “winter is coming” cold. Full of white faces, waiting, thinking… temperature falling down, down, down… Interesting or scary? We had snow yesterday! Remember about my crazy YouTube LOL … Continue reading